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We Blend Science and Art to Revitalize Our Patients

Washington Medical Hair Clinics is a trusted resource for hair restoration in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.  We believe in using an innovative approach that blends science and artistry to heal our patient’s self-esteem. We fully staff each of our offices in Rockville, Annapolis, Columbia, Mclean, Virginia Beach, and Richmond with trained professionals and board-certified plastic surgeons skilled in the science and art of finding solutions to hair loss in our male and female clients.

Our practice offers  Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Artas Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction procedures on all our patients, combined with FDA-approved treatments. We’ll communicate which methods we’ll use and how they work both during our free online consultation and your visits to our offices.

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The Differences Between Male and Female Baldness

Hair loss is widespread. There’s no reason to feel ashamed. Studies have shown the reasons for hair loss are numerous and out of the control of our patients. Age, genetics, hormone imbalances, and stress all play a role in hair loss. However, our practice is skilled in combatting hair loss and restoring your confidence. While both men and women can lose their hair, there are some differences in how and why they do.


Male hair loss is called male pattern baldness. Some men experience a sharp receding hairline at the front of their head, while others experience balding on the top or back of their hair. Regardless of where you’re losing your hair, you should feel reassured that millions of men suffer from some form of hair loss throughout their lives. We’re here to help restore youth and vitality to your appearance.


Female hair loss is more common than you may think. While equally as embarrassing and harmful to self-esteem, women lose their hair in different ways. Women may experience less volume throughout their hair, a slight receding of the hairline, or density loss at the front of their hair.

Get a Free Online Consultation

Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. We have the skills and experience to revitalize your hair. Men who have seen us experience dramatic changes in their appearance and women have enjoyed more volume and depth in their hair. We offer free online consultations to accommodate your busy schedule.

Hair Transplants
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