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Hair Loss For Women

Finally, A Hair Restoration Procedure That Helps Women Too!

Hair loss in women is more common than previously thought. Almost half of all women suffer from some degree of hair loss by the time they are 50. Thanks to the latest medical breakthroughs and hair transplant procedures, there is a permanent and natural way to regrow your hair. Don’t allow hair loss to affect your lifestyle. Give us a call at 888.793.4769 and find out how our proven hair restoration procedure can help you regain your confidence, look younger, and feel attractive.

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Hair Loss

Men usually lose hair on top, in the front and the crown area in a specific pattern. While female hair loss can be present in many ways, the most common types of hair loss in women are:
  • Diffuse hair loss, in which hair loss is evident over the entire scalp, resulting in decreased hair density coverage and volume of hair throughout the entire scalp.
  • A slight recession of the hairline.
  • Loss of density and coverage at the frontal half of the scalp, starting just behind the hairline and extending toward the crown.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

While women experience a somewhat different hair loss pattern than men, due of the effect of hormones, some women may experience hair loss more evident after the birth of a child or around menopause. Hair loss can have an adverse impact on the social and personal life of women. Hair loss in women can be a greater blow to the self esteem because it is less of a social norm as male pattern baldness. But thanks to Washington Medical Hair Clinics, it does not have to feel that way. Give us a call at 888.793.4769 or schedule an online consultation for a free one on one analysis. Don’t wait. Call or email us now and find out how a hair transplant can change your life.

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