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Hair Transplant Client Reviews


It’s been 2 years since I’ve had my FUE procedure at Washington Hair Clinics and I’m happy to say it was worth every penny. My crown and hair line look so good! Very natural and full. The team at Washington Hair Clinic walked me through my options and helped me choose the best procedure for my budget and hair needs. Next month I will be returning for the PRP treatment for an extra boost! Can’t to review that next!

– Chris W.

For all those who have pursued any type of cosmetic procedure, the entire process — finding the right firm, undergoing the procedure, and recovering — can be quite painful. Ten years after I had my first procedure at Washington Medical, I can confidently say that I went from rapidly balding to progressively growing and strengthening transplanted and preexisting hair. From the outset, the process was straightforward, transparent, and accommodating. There were no high pressure sales tactics and they allowed me to mull over the procedure without any invasive or pestering follow ups. Following each procedure, the support team reached out and ensured that I was sticking to the post-op protocol and recovering as expected. To everyone at Washington Medical: Thank you for treating me like family, transforming my appearance, and boosting my self-esteem.

– D.T.

I’ve had a great experience working with Patrick Reynolds at Washington Medical Hair Clinics for the past several years, he’s very professional and has provided exceptional service.

– V.C.

Great people, the surgery itself was painful at first but worth it in long run from my point of view. I did three surgeries over three years, altogether I think they transplanted 6000 hairs mostly to the front of my hairline. I am super happy with the results. Best investment ever!

– Steven F.

I had a procedure done in late May and as of today no one has asked about it. You need a hat for a week or so until the redness goes away (they tell you that). You may need a small amount of pain relief (Ibuprofen is good). The scaring in the back is unnoticeable. It’s recommended that you take hair loss medicine to prevent you from continuous hair loss.

Further, while I can’t deny anyone their unique experience with Washington Medical, I did a lot of research on various companies before visiting Washington Medical. There was no sales pressure, I went at my own pace and I finally got the procedure done AFTER 3 years after first contact. My hairline looks random, like it would in nature. They educated me and I felt very informed.

I’m going back for more work in the front and some on the bald spot on the back of my head. Neither are problematic now, but having the work done will give me a fully head of hair. I’d give them 10 stars if I could. Ask for Patrick R. and Dr. Frederick Watkins.

– L.A.

I recommend Washington Medical Hair clinics for your hair transplant needs. I did months of research and a few consultations with other hair transplant clinics. I selected Washington Medical and have had excellent results. The donor area from FUE procedure is pretty much invisible. Also, they were able to successfully hide a previous FUT scar from a different clinic. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and make you feel at ease. Schedule your consultation now. The longer you wait the longer you will have to wait for the results. Thank you, Joe

– Joe D.

I had my hair transplant done two years ago, I can say that before I had it done there were 2 big concerns: first one was: does it work? and second concern was the scar. I must say it exceeded expectations on both. The staff was very friendly and Dr. Watkins did an excellent job! It is virtually impossible to see a scar. I watched a couple of movies while the procedure was done and by the next day I was back at work. I saw results right away and after one year I saw full results. I did not experienced any side effects, I don’t need to go to special places to get my haircuts and when I tell people about my hair transplant they can’t believe it (even people that cut my hair can’t tell any difference). The hair that was transplanted at the top of my head doesn’t need any type of maintenance, the only thing that does is the other hair at the top of my head (I use rogaine and take propecia to stop further hair loss). I am extremely pleased with my results and highly recommend Washington Medical. It was a tough decision but I’m glad I had my hair transplanted.

– S.B.

I underwent a FUT surgery on November 20th, 2017 with Washington Medical and almost 5 years on I don’t regret it at all. The team were really friendly and helpful. Patrick helped me through everything in the lead up to the surgery and I had a discussion with Dr. Vendetti the morning of. The growth that I experienced afterword was well beyond my expectations. For me it meant a big change in self confidence (no more hats-awesome) and I got a number of comments about how different I looked.

I don’t know what the hair transplant market is like now, but back then I can remember looking around and seeing that Washington Medical was the best (in terms of consistent feedback and
reviews) and yet most affordable team on the market. I figured that if I was going to have to live with the results for the rest of my life I didn’t want someone to mess it up and decided to make the leap of faith.

I remember appreciating just how well the team looked after me and how much time and effort they took to explain the process to me. I can’t speak for others, but there are certainly no regrets for me.

Thanks guys- totally worth it.

– Bradley U.

I have completed two hair procedures at Washington Medical Hair Clinics since April 2011. I selected WMHC out of a pool of several large and reputable firms in the Washington DC area as the Dr and staff demonstrated to be the most honest, straightforward, flexible, and transparent. The Dr and client service representatives impressed me by focusing on results, expectations, and post-op care before getting into the overall cost of the procedure. I felt relieved that my overall experience and satisfaction was their top priority. Both of my procedures went very smoothly with minimal pain and post operative down time. The results have been in-line with what the surgeon and client service team told me to expect. Working with WMHC is a true pleasure as everyone at the office is friendly, courteous, and keen on follow through. I receive a call every three months to come in for a hair check and overall assessment of hair growth. I could not ask for a better experience and I recommend WHMC to anyone that is looking to enhance their appearance. I would have no problem sharing my personal experience with others.

– Dani T.

I have had 2 procedures with Washington Medical Hair Clinics. The first was a strip 2030 hairs/grafts to recreate my hair line and fill in the thinning in the front of my head. The plastic surgeon Dr Watkins was extremely informative and explained the procedure in great detail. He didn’t sugar coat anything and was up front about the discomfort from the sutures for the first 24 hours. The staff was very attentive and extremely patient. I was able to watch them cut my hairs under the microscopes. Very cool. It took longer than I hoped to grow in (about a year) but so worth it. Nobody knew I had this done. I have had compliments that I look younger. I since went back to them for a little fill in and opted for the FUE. What an awesome procedure. I had no pain! I had a little over 1000 hairs/grafts. It’s been 6 months and the new hairs are starting to grow. It looks amazing. I would highly recommend them. The follow up they did with me was very impressive and without a doubt exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best decisions I have made. I don’t think about hair loss any more!!!

– Alex M.

Had my hair transplant procedure here 7 months ago. I was skeptical and a little nervous at first but Dr Watkins and the staff quickly put me at ease. I was just in for a visit. My results are absolutely amazing. I recommend these guys to anyone considering hair transplants. I’m even more excited knowing there is much more to come in. Thank you Washington Medical!

– Brian H.

This is THE BEST Place to get hair procedure done in the DC metro region.

– Both facilities are CLEAN and UP-TO-DATE
– Organization is HONEST

Folks, look no further and take my word for it.

I AM 100% SATISFIED Customer

– M.R.

This was the best decision that I have made. I visited several places local and even out of state. I found Dr Watkins and the entire staff to be honest and upfront about what I could reasonably expect from my hair surgery, I met with them twice once with Dr Watkins and teh second time Dr Tattelbaum. They patiently explained the options that I had from the strip, neograft and the Artas. After weighing my options i chose the Artas and even though it has only been about six months i can already see my new hair line. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first. The surgery was pretty much pain free and i returned to work a week later with nobody knowing. I am excited to know that there is plenty more to come in and in the future I would have no objection about doing it again. The best money I have spent in a very long time. To me having my hair is very important and I am so pleased that the team at Washington Medical was there to guide me through the maze and help me. I give them an A+!!!!!!!

– Syed K.

I had my hair surgery with wmhc 9 months ago. It was a fue procedure. When I went there I was a little nervous and unsure as I had a not so pleasant experience with another group. I was referred by Morgan a RN in the group to Dr Watkins. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of time and detail they went through in my consultation. I must have asked him 100 different questions but everything was unrushed and he completely answered all of my questions. On my day of surgery Dr Watkins and the nurses and staff were awesome. They made me super comfortable and I watched Netflix and even chatted with the staff. Even though all of this was great, I was more concerned what my hair would look like. So at a little over 9 months I am very happy and know there is more to come. If you are considering getting your hair back I would recommend that you give these guys a look!

– Mark E.

Well, first and foremost I am ABSOLUTELY thrilled with my new improved eyebrows. For so many years I tried pretty much everything from magic potions to permanent makeup. I was shocked to learn from a friend if mine that works at a med spa that she had actually had a hair transplant on her eyebrows! She told me how common it is a suggested Washington Medical Hair Clinics. When I met with the Plastic Surgeon, Dr Tattelbaum I was both nervous and excited! He and his entire staff were never pushy and actually he told me to really think about it before moving forward, It’s been about 7 months now and I can already see a huge difference. I wish I knew about this procedure and place before. Great people and I LOVE my new improved eyebrows:)

– Lisa M.

I had my procedure with Washington Medical Hair Clinics almost one year ago. From the moment that I called and went to the office I knew I had made the right choice. I met with Dr Ted and Chris. They explained the different options that I had and was even able to let me talk with a patient that was there for a follow up visit. I opted for the FUE. The surgery was so easy. Everything that Dr Watkins told me was accurate. I do have to say, waiting for the new hair to grow was hard. I found myself looking constantly. Buy just as they said and what I have read it does take months. I am excited to learn that what I have will still get fuller over the next few months. I have no problem sharing my before and after pictures as I encourage anyone losing their hair to do this procedure. It was the best decision that I made for myself in a long time. 10 stars to Washington Medical Dr Ted Watkins and his entire staff!

– J.M.

I decided to wait before writing about my experience with Washington Medical Hair Clinic’s. It’s been almost 14 months since I had my hair restoration case with them. I can not express how having my hair line back has completely transformed my life. I was the type of guy that would either comb my hair forward or just wear a hat. Now I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s so natural that nobody can even believe it was a hair surgery. The woman that cuts my hair now sends her clients there. I went to several places before making my choice. I chose them based on experience and the professionalism of the Doctor and assistant I met with. They were never pushy or arrogant like a couple places that I visited. I opted for the FUE procedure after discussing the options. The entire staff of nurses and techs were amazing. The Dr informed me of every step and I literally watched movies for about 6.5 hours. Afterwards they explained exactly what to do. I was back to work about a week later with no signs that anything had been done. I would recommend cutting the hair on the back and sides really short leading up to the day. I’m sure there are a lot of great hair clinics but I found Washington Medical Hair Clinics to be the BEST and just wish I would have had the procedure earlier. I will post my before and after photos in hopes that I can help others who want to get their hair back make the same decision I did. Thank you!!!! 10 stars!!!

– P.H.

Wanted to take a moment and thank Washington Medical Hair Clinics! The results took a little longer than expected but as you can see I am so happy to have my hair back. I did the fue procedure – The Drs, nurses and entire staff are amazing. The follow up is superb! Anyone considering a hair transplant should visit them. HUGE THUMBS UP!!!

– Anant R.

I’ve done 2 procedures with this company. Each time was a pleasant experience, despite the obvious pains that naturally occur during the procedure. Customer service was friendly and receptive. I’m quite pleased with the results of my hair placement and growth.

The whole process is a patient and disciplined one. Just assume it will take the whole 12 months to see the true results. It only works if you take care of the new hairs and overall head of hair. Eating healthy, sleeping well, using the Rogaine 1-2 a day and for life (Yup), taking biotin, using shampoos design for reducing hair loss and more natural hair products for styling. Its a two part system: Getting the restoration and self-maintenance.

– David F.

STOP LOOKING THIS IS YOUR PLACE IN THE DC AREA! I had 5 hair transplant procedures done 20-25 years ago. I was in need of some serious corrective surgery. I say corrective because I did not realize it until it was done. Dr. Watkins and his staff are just about as smooth and talented as possible. I am a scientist, I did my research. This place is clean, organized and efficient. The donor area from way back really needed to be cleaned up. What a magnificent job! They used the existing donor site for the follicles and completely removed the huge plug look I had. I could not be happier. The rockville office is easy to get to and the place is safe and clean. All of the staff are upbeat and competent.

– Rock B.

It’s a personal journey and I’m glad I pick Washington medical hair clinic to be part of it. They are very personable staff and they make sure you’re dealt with accordingly. Chris is very helpful in helping me decide and make this process happen as I expect it to be. The staff is very professional and courteous to their clientele. The Rockville office is where it all started and they have superb facility and state of the art equipment.

– Michael B.

Best decision of my life. Took a while to get up the nerve to do something about my hair loss but, after meeting with Chris and Dr. Watkins in person…the decision was much easier. Don’t wait like I did. I highly recommend Washington Medical and the staff made me feel at ease.

– Saleh K.

I recently had a FUE transplant with Dr. Vendetti and his staff. I was very pleased at the amount of time they took to explain the procedure and adjust the plan to my satisfaction throughout all the steps. This is a doctor that really does listen to the patient. He was very down to earth and a very friendly person in general. He did everything he could to make things as comfortable and easy for me. It was a much better experience than I anticipated and although it’s only been a week since the operation, I am hopeful that the results are as good as everything else has gone so far.

– John T.

I recently had Dr. Frederick Watkins (and his team) perform hair transplant surgery for me; the experience was great! I first spoke with Patrick R., he clearly explained the types of transplants that exist, the process, pricing and more. After deciding to move forward, he also assisted me in setting up the appointment. As an out of state resident, I traveled to DC the day before the surgery – I was at their office at 8:30am the day of my surgery and left ~4:30pm. The procedure itself started ~9:15am. It was a relatively painless procedure; you can feel the first two shots, but the pain is very minimal. And the recovery was relatively immediate (I simply took one pain pill when I got home, then rested for a few days in DC before returning home). Unfortunately, they do have to give you a “haircut” and you can see where the hairs were planted so it’ll take a couple weeks before I go out in public without wearing a hat or hoodie. For anyone interested, I’d highly recommend Washington Medical– very professional and friendly team.

– Carlos I.

Just had an FUT with Dr. Watkins and team last month. I was very pleased with how kind, and professional everyone was. These are amazing people who will make you feel at home from start to finish. Washington Medical are amongst the best in the world when it comes to hair restoration. Thank You so much Dr. Watkins and team!

– Mike C.

My experience at Washington Medical Hair Clinics was beyond my highest expectations. The Washington Medical staff worked with complete competency supporting the hair magician, Dr. Vendetti.

The surgery went flawless, with 1000% success. Since the surgery, my head of hair is full, with no hair loss whatsoever. In fact, using the suggested products, my hair is fuller and stronger than ever.

If anyone is considering using Dr. Vendetti, please consider this a sincere thumbs up with NO hesitation.

I am 18 months post surgery and going stronger than ever – THANK YOU Dr. Vendetti and the rest of your fabulous team members!!

– Holly C.

Guys…your no. 1 problem after getting YOUR hair back with Washington Medical is you’ll be soooo good looking.  Its a lot of responsibility being a ‘chick magnet’.

– Stephen B.

As anyone deciding on a hair transplant already knows, the process of choosing the right practice is not an easy task. I did a lot homework before actually committing to this procedure. And once I did choose Washington Medical to preform my surgery I was still nervous about the whole thing.

I came from PA therefore I made all the procedure arrangements via email with Dr. Watkins and Patrick. They both made me feel extremely comfortable with the knowledge they shared and the suggestions they offered regarding my procedure. However I still had underlying fear of the procedure itself. My mind was totally at ease once I arrived at the office the morning of the procedure. Everyone was so nice and helpful. Dr. Watkins along with two of his technicians named Chris and Jen went above and beyond in explaining the fine details of the surgery and both took the time to walk me through each and every step.

I am happy to report that the entire procedure from start to finish was 110% painless and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it was actually a fun day overall. My donor site looked like an fue procedure never took place by the second day. Now I’m 10 days post op looking and feeling like surgery never even happened.

Everything in the last 10 days has been awesome, no complaints what so ever. I was surprised when Chris gave me his personal cell number after my procedure was completed. He asked me to text him before leaving the office and then checked in on me numerous times during post-op asking me how I was feeling overall and if I had any questions, also going over post op-produces making sure I followed them properly to achieve the best results. I’m must say, I have extreme gratitude for everyone at this practice and I would undergo another procedure with Dr. Watkins and his team in a heart beat.

– O. Hill
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