Frederick Watkins, M.D., F.A.C.S. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


To: Dr Watkins and his amazing staff. I had a pretty bad experience with another group in VA. I came to discuss the options of trying to graft into my scar using the FUE process. After meeting with one of the techs and Dr Watkins, he easily convinced me to let him revise the scar, then use the available donor area to further soften the hair line and increase the density. WOW!! What a huge success. There was minimal discomfort and he was talking to me the entire time. Once he was finished, they gave me a mirror and the tears quickly filled my eyes. I was never able to lift my hair up in the back without seeing a strip wider than my thumb, smooth, from ear to ear. When he lift the comb up all I saw was hair to hair and the tiny staples, So if you are like me, had a bad scar and felt like there was nothing that could be done, you owe it to yourself to call them. I am very optimistic and will post pictures shortly. Having Dr Watkins, a plastic surgeon, made all the difference in the world. Now I feel I can put that fear to bed, for good. I will be sending the pictures soon. From start to finish, honesty, integrity, professionalism, they go above an beyond. If you are dealing with a nasty donor scar – seek out Washington Medical Hair Clinics and let them help improve the quality of life in 45 minutes. All My best

M.M. ~ World Bank

As a woman requesting information was hard enough. Making the time to schedule the appointment went very smooth. The woman I talked to quickly put me at ease and soon I was looking forward to the consultation. After meeting with one of the techs I had a chance to see the Plastic Surgeon. He explained the different types of procedures and was honest about the risks associated with each one. To make a long story short – I moved forward scheduling an appointment almost 5 weeks out. They gave me a list of references and pictures. They even arranged for a meeting at the office with a patient that was there for a follow up. I have to say they have easily exceeded my expectations. There attention to detail is 2nd to none. I have a few months to go but very confident my results will be amazing. I have already started to see a unique improvement. I honestly feel that I have made several friends at WMHC, they actually care, and in medicine today most places lose that touch. Do yourself a favor. Meet with them – You will be as thrilled as me!!

Thanks again Washington Medical Hair Clinics

S.C. Accountant

Losing my hair wasn’t the worst thing that had ever happened to me but it certainly wasn’t the best thing. As I looked into restoring my hair I found several groups. When I met with the Plastic Surgeon at Washington Medical Hair Clinics, I felt that instant comfort level, like I was just more than another guy in the waiting room. All of my questions were addressed. Several weeks later I scheduled my appointment. From the girls at the front desks to the nurses and techs, everyone was so attentive. The Dr sat and talked with me again that morning and then got started. We talked about movies and politics as he worked his magic. When I left, there was no pain and because of my existing hair you could barely tell I had anything done. The post op process was exactly what they said. There were no surprises and now I have my hair line back. Friends just keep saying I look like I have been working out/dieting. They don’t even realize it’s my new hair hairline!! Thank you WMHC!! The hardest part was waiting for my new hair to grow!!!


As an African American man, I assumed that this type of procedure wouldn’t work for me. Man, was I wrong. During the consultation with the technician he explained that I was indeed not alone. The Dr came in and spent over an hour with me discussing my situation and goals. He was very upfront on what to expect. During my procedure the Surgeon and entire staff were so attentive. The surgery went so smooth as I watched movies. I was amazed when they handed me the mirror. I could already see my new hair line!!! They explained those hair would shed, indeed they did. But like clock work at about 4 months the new hair began to grow in and has been getting thicker and better as the weeks have gone by. I no longer have anxiety about having to shave my head to hide the fact that I was going bald. I have hair now, forever!

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