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Hair loss is embarrassing for some men and women. Whether due to age, genetics, or illness, hair loss can affect our patient’s self-confidence. Washington Medical Hair Clinics has over 14 years of experience treating patients with hair loss issues.

Washington Medical Hair Clinics provide hair transplants in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We have offices in McClean, Virginia Beach, and Richmond, Virginia, as well as Rockville, Columbia, and Annapolis, Maryland. We use a team of certified professionals at each location, perform our procedures in safe, clean, and relaxed offices.

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We want our patients to feel as informed as possible before walking through our doors. We care deeply about our patients. Many of our patients have provided feedback telling us our experience and knowledge helped them through the process. As part of our desire to make your decision as easy as possible, you can trust that our website will be a useful tool in determining whether a hair transplant may be right for you and the costs involved. Once we’ve started treatment, we will be clear and direct about what to expect during the process, which can take months.

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We want to work around your busy schedule. For that reason, we can speak with you online, for free, before you come to our office.


Because it is an elective procedure, it is unlikely that insurance will cover your hair transplant procedure. We do offer financing options.


Before we begin, we’ll communicate with you regarding the costs of your procedure.
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We Offer Financing For All Of Our Procedures
It is essential to understand that while hair loss is an important issue for you, it is usually considered an elective procedure by most insurance companies and they won’t likely cover it. We offer 100 percent interest-free financing up to 24 months for your surgery. Contact us for a free online consultation and learn more about our financing options and how our plastic surgeons can help you.
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